10 Ways to Support a Waiting Mother on Mother's Day


We are so thrilled to have Kimberly Leclercq as a guest blogger and twitter friend. Kimberly is a single mother who adopted her son from Guatemala in 2008. She is currently in process of adopting a daughter from Ethiopia. Kimberly is the author of a book for any woman who has experienced or is experiencing the excitement, hope, heartache, and challenges of waiting for motherhood. Written as a children’s book and vibrantly illustrated, You Are My Baby. I Am Your Mommy is also perfect for mothers to share with their children or as a gift for any waiting mother. Today, Kimberly shares with us 10 ways to support a waiting mother on Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is such a wonderful day for both new and seasoned moms! Sometimes, if a woman doesn’t yet physically have a child in her arms, the day can go unrecognized. It is sometimes easier when a woman is pregnant because it is very visual and therefore easier to acknowledge. However, a waiting mom deserves just as much attention on this special day! The gesture can be a simple call, a handmade card, a thoughtful gift or just your time. Here are a couple of ways to support a waiting mom that you know…

  • Giving anything that has the word mom/mother on it is so special – especially for a first time mom. A handmade card, a note acknowledging that she will be a great mom, a picture frame, etc.

  • If you know the child’s name, seeing this in writing is magical during the waiting stage (and after). Anything personalized will be treasured.

  • Books talking about being a mommy or a children’s book that talks about love for the child

  • Take the time to really ask about the adoption. Ask how you could be more supportive during this sometimes-dreadful waiting time.

  • If it’s an international adoption, do something fun that is unique to that country. Go out for Ethiopian or authentic Guatemalan. Rent videos that are filmed in the country she’s adopting from. Buy a travel book to learn more about the upcoming travel date.

  • Take the time to learn more about the adoption process and find ways that you can be an adoption advocate. While this isn’t something that is specific to Mother’s Day, your friend/sister/daughter/whomever will love that you’ve taken the time to get involved to support something that is near to her.

  • An old fashioned coupon book, offering babysitting, cooked meals, trips to the park, coffee break, etc. This will be for after the baby is home.

  • If you know when the baby was born, something with their birthstone in it.

  • Take her somewhere where she can be recognized as a mom… church, a mother’s day buffet, etc. Doing special “mom only” things is exciting – especially for a first time mom.

  • At the very least, a simple Happy Mother’s Day will be so very appreciated.

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