2013 International Adoption Predictions


Although, I cannot predict the future as we plan for our agency and protect our families, it is important to attempt to predict success, challenges, and changes in the international adoption process. It is important for an international adoption agency to analyze the past, educate themselves, know US government policies and watch the trends in all countries in order to predict the future of international adoption. These predictions are important as an agency provides quality information to its families so that they have proper expectations about the process and its risks.

2013 Predictions

  1. Federal Adoption Credit will be extended. Ok this might be more of a hope than a prediction but there are good indicators that it will happen. (editors note: written on December 27, 2012; already achieved!)
  2. Universal Accreditation/Licensing will be required by US for any adoption service provider (agency) that is providing international adoption services -The End of Independent Adoptions. This will create numerous problems as agencies without Hague or Universal Accreditation/Licensing will have to transfer families to other agencies that are licensed.
  3. MLJ Adoptions’ application to do adoptions in Mexico will be approved! A long time coming!
  4. MLJ Adoptions will increase their adoptions by 30%.
  5. MLJ Adoptions will complete more than 110 adoptions from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in 2013.
  6. Adoptions in Bulgaria will increase by 50% for MLJ Adoptions (Ban on Russian Adoptions will create an increase in adoptions from Bulgaria).
  7. MLJ Adoptions will continue to work on behalf of the orphan and be committed to international adoption.

I hope that 2013 is prosperous and blessed for the orphans of our world. May many children find their forever families to support and love them in 2013 and the years to come.

Photo Credit: Lenabem-Anna

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