30 Ways To Help Us Celebrate And Bring Awareness To National Adoption Month


485107_10151229132374420_1844759759_nNovember is National Adoption Awareness Month. It’s an opportunity not just for MLJ, but for everyone to bring awareness to adoption. Below are thirty ways that you can help celebrate and spread awareness throughout the month of November.

  1. Have an adoption themed movie night.
  2. Read an adoption related book.
  3. Explore your child’s heritage.
  4. Try a new recipe from a different culture.
  5. Create a new family tradition – whether it’s a trip to a cultural museum, trying a new ethnic restaurant, or playing a game from a different culture.
  6. Encourage family members to ask questions and talk about adoption.
  7. Blog about your connection to adoption.
  8. Ask your public library to showcase and promote adoption related books.
  9. Encourage local media to cover local and national adoption stories.
  10. Take the time to listen to someone’s story. We all have a story to share and we can all learn from each other’s experiences.
  11. Read the Presidential Proclamation.
  12. Write thank you letters to those that helped you along your adoption journey.
  13. Attend a support group meeting. All MLJ support services groups are open to the entire adoption community, not just MLJ clients.
  14. Encourage your Human Resources department to offer adoption assistance.
  15. Start or join an adoption or orphan ministry.
  16. Learn and use positive adoption language.
  17. Attend an adoption finalization.
  18. Help to breakdown stereotypes by talking and educating.
  19. Contact local teachers and ask them to discuss adoption in their classes.
  20. Attend a local adoption conference.
  21. Donate to organizations like The Global Orphan Foundation who support orphan care and/or adoption.
  22. Read the history of National Adoption Month and Day.
  23. Volunteer with organizations that promote adoption, foster care and orphan care.
  24. Share adoption websites and blogs on Facebook and Twitter.
  25. Mentor someone aging out of the foster system.
  26. Support and attend local fundraisers for organizations that support adoption and orphan care.
  27. Share adoption blogs and articles on Pinterest.
  28. Put together care packages to send to orphanages.
  29. Be a ready and willing source for those to come to with adoption questions.
  30. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay in the loop with the latest adoption blogs.

We hope you’ll join us this month in helping to promote National Adoption Awareness Month!

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