5 More Ways to Celebrate National Adoption Awareness Month! (Part III)

26931_318740694419_152691439419_3286826_3976795_nThere are many ways to celebrate National Awareness Adoption Month this November. Here are just a few examples:
  1. Plan a Fundraiser or Attend an Adoption Fundraiser: There are many ways to support the cause of orphan care and adoption. November is a great month to bring your community together for the cause raising funds to donate to parents that are in the adoption process needing assistance with funding or donating to a non-profit that supports orphan care and adoption. You could host a holiday cookie swap asking friends and family to make a donation to participate or as you send out holiday cards you may consider requesting donations to be donated. These are just two examples, but this is a great opportunity to get creative with fundraising.
  2. Read an Adoption Themed book to your child(ren): There are some great books on adoption for both kids and adults. Some recommended children’s books from our staff include:
    • A Blessing from Above by Patti Henderson
    • Over the Moon: An Adoption Tale by Karen Katz
    • We Wished for You: an Adoption Story by Marianne Richmond
  3. Learn, Use, and Teach Positive Adoption Language to Others: As adoptive parents and adoption advocates it is our job to promote adoption as a positive and proactive way to build a family. Using positive adoption language teaches others by example of the appropriate words when speaking about adoption. See a few examples below:
    • Positive Language Negative Language
    • Birth Parent Real Parent
    • International adoption Foreign adoption
    • Make an adoption plan Give up a child
  4. Learn About Cultures: Visit your local multicultural centers, museums or special events to learn more about the cultures of others.
  5. Take a few minutes to give THANKS this Thanksgiving weekend for how adoption has touched your life!


Here’s Part I and Part II for more ideas!

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