Ukraine Hosting Program Brings Boys to Families


hosting boys collageI spent last weekend at a First Robotics Competition cheering on my sixteen year old son’s robotics team. Nick is a member of the drive team which means he gets to go out on the competition field and assist in maneuvering the robot. When his team was introduced to the large, cheering crowd, Nick’s face lit up with the biggest smile. His father and I are both mentors to the team and the road to that moment in time represented a lot of work and stress for our family. But, that smile (and the knowledge and experience he gained from being on the team) was so worth our efforts! Isn’t that what parents do for their children – advocate, push, prod, pave the way?

This is the reason I cheer whenever I receive an MLJ team email announcing another child has arrived home to a forever family. I know that now there is one more child who will benefit from the advocacy of loving parents and growing up in a permanent home. Unfortunately, for too many children, this will never become a reality. Older boys, especially, have a lesser chance of being selected for an international adoption.

For families considering adding a child to their family, MLJ Adoptions offers the opportunity to experience on a limited basis what it would be like to bring an older child into your family. Through our Ukraine Summer Hosting Program, we will be bringing eleven children (including five boys between the ages of seven and nine) from Ukraine to Indianapolis for four weeks. We are seeking host families for these children. When families are able to actually meet the children, many times the fear of adopting an older child dissipates, and families realize adoption is the way forward. Below is a brief description of the boys that will be coming to Indianapolis this summer.

Vadym (7) – he loves everyone, and looks very sweet but can be all boy! He is smart and if he knows what is expected he is good at following the rules.

Victor (9) – According to his caretakers, he is the best child in the orphanage!

Leonid (8) – Very sweet boy, loves everyone and is well behaved. He is dreaming to come to the US!

Oleksander and Mykyta (6 & 9) – These two brothers are described as very good boys. Oleksander is quiet and has a mild speech delay. Both boys have many friends, love cars and computers.

Too many children, boys in particular, will spend years, or even their whole childhoods, in institutional care. Every child needs and deserves a loving, permanent home filled with unconditional love and the support of a parent. To see if adopting an older boy could be right for your family, consider hosting one of the boys listed above this summer.

Contact Lydia for more information on our hosting program.

Sheri Molnar is the Director of Operations and Finance at MLJ Adoptions. Visiting children living in institutions in Honduras and Congo has provided her with a tremendous motivation to come into work each day and work tirelessly on behalf of children in need of loving, permanent homes.