A Small Look Inside the Life of Aaron Eske


Originally published at Crossroads of America Adoption Conference, re-published with permission.

Growing up in Nebraska, Aaron watched Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego Monday-through-Friday on the carpet while eating a bag of Ruffles potato chips. As a result, to this day he has high cholesterol and can recite nearly every word to the theme song.

After he moved away from Nebraska, Aaron had the opportunity to put on his global gumshoe shoes in earnest as he journeyed in search of his adopted siblings’ orphanages and origins. A family trauma during his teenage years had severed his connections with his siblings and in order to close the distance, he traveled to 23 cities throughout India, Korea, and Ethiopia visiting the places where his brother and sisters lived while he ate Ruffles on the carpet.

Workwise, Aaron’s done everything from cleaning strangers’ apartments in London’s Soho to serving as Press Secretary for Senator Ben Nelson. Most recently he was the Communications Director of the Angelina Jolie-supported Global Action for Children and currently helps non-profits spread their word at M+R Strategic Services.

For more, see autobiography: My Family, A Symphony (A Memoir of Global Adoption).

Photo Credit: UNL Newsroom

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