Why Should You Adopt from Nicaragua?


Latin America Girl FallThere are many country choices when it comes to international adoption, and for some families choosing the country may be one of the more difficult parts of the process. Factors such as parent requirements, child characteristics, travel requirements, and length of process can make the choice a difficult one. MLJ Adoptions’ Nicaragua Program is a wonderful option for many families. While the program is small, it has recently become a top choice for many prospective adoptive parents.

The adoption process in Nicaragua is very unique; parents receive minimal information on the child before traveling to meet him/her, travel quickly, and must remain in country for 10-20 weeks. While at first these program details might seem a little challenging, it is these very details that also make this program appealing to many families.

  • Minimal time lapse between potential match and travel – Once you have received a potential match, you will likely be asked to travel within two weeks. Upon arrival in country, the child will be placed in your care and remain with you for the entire 10-20 week stay while the adoption process is completed. This is appealing to many families as it eliminates the separation that occurs in programs in which multiple trips are required or travel does not happen until the end of the process.
  • Bonding and attachment are well underway before travel home – The child(ren) will be placed with your family almost immediately after your arrival in Nicaragua, which means that bonding and attachment can begin immediately. This is great for the children as they can begin to form trust before enduring the stress of travel and meeting extended family and friends. By the time you travel home, the child will likely feel more safe and secure with you, which will help to ease the transition into his/her new home. Additionally, when extended family and friends want to meet the child, a lot of anxiety can be eliminated because the child will already feel secure in your care.
  • Plenty of time to experience your child’s country and culture – Spending several months in Nicaragua will allow you to readily immerse yourself into the Nicaraguan culture. There will be plenty of time to meet people, sightsee, try authentic Nicaraguan foods, purchase memorabilia and more. As your child grows, you will be thankful for your time in Nicaragua; you will be able to share your experiences and integrate Nicaraguan culture into your family life.
  • Children of all ages are in need of families – Nicaragua does not have any restrictions on the ages of children who can be matched with a family through international adoption. Fourteen children have been matched with MLJ families to date including:
    • 2 week old girl
    • 7 month old boy
    • 13 month old girl
    • 2 year old girl
    • 2 year old twin girls
    • 2 and 3 year old sisters
    • 3 and 5 year old sisters
    • 4 and 7 year old siblings
    • 6 year old boy
    • 7 year old girl
  • Relaxed atmosphere – While in Nicaragua, you will likely stay in an apartment, condo or house which allows for a bit more comfort than a hotel. On the majority of days, there will not be any required obligations. Many families enjoy their time in country because it is a significant break from the hurried lifestyle that most of us experience on a day to day basis.
  • Flexibility for one parent to travel home during in country stay – Nicaragua is quite flexible with families if one parent needs to travel back home for work obligations during the in-country stay. Both parents must travel initially and be present for the first two to three weeks, but after that one parent is able to travel home as needed. Additionally, Nicaragua allows for a grandparent or other family member/friend to join the remaining parent in Nicaragua if one parent does opt to travel home.

There are so many positive aspects of adopting from Nicaragua. We urge you to consider this option when you are choosing a country. If you would like more information on adopting from Nicaragua, please contact Lydia Tarr or Stacy Jacobs.

MLJ Adoptions will be hosting an informational session on adopting from Latin America on Saturday, April 12 from 10:00 – 12:00. The event will take place at our offices located at 617 E. North Street, Indianapolis, IN. Families unable to travel into our offices may participate in the event via live cast.

Stacy Jacobs is the MLJ Adoptions Associate Program Director for Eastern Europe and Latin America. She is the mother of four children, three biological daughters and one son adopted from Guatemala.

Stacy Jacobs is the MLJ Adoptions Associate Program Director for Eastern Europe and Latin America. She is the mother of four children, three biological daughters and one son adopted from Guatemala.