Adopt Without Debt – Book Review


When my family started our adoption journey over seven years ago, the looming weight of raising money seemed overwhelming. However, the burden of orphans in need of forever, loving families was even more overwhelming. That burden fueled our energy to begin sacrificial saving and fund raising. Two years and $50,000 later, we brought home two precious children from Vietnam. No one told us about grants, matching grants, and no-interest loans. Through much searching and sleuthing efforts, we would discover the hard way how to raise each needed amount of money.

Today, thanks to the adoption journey and literary efforts of Julie Gumm, what you need to know about funding your adoption is in her book, Adopt Without Debt – subtitled “Creative Ways to Cover the Cost of Adoption.” It is a very easy, captivating read and will give you confidence that your family, too, can adopt without going into debt or depleting your retirement funds in the process.

Julie shares her family’s story of adopting two children from Ethiopia and their commitment to finishing the adoption debt-free. They proved that it is indeed possible. Throughout the book, you will read about very real families and the specific ways in which they raised funds along with planning details and the amount of money generated. For example, a “Show Love Fun Run” raised $5,000 and a “Movie & Silent Auction Night” raised $3,000.

The book is chock full of suggestions on how to save sacrificially because, literally, every dollar counts in an adoption fund. Also, find helpful information on adoption grants, writing fundraising letters, plus much, much more. The information is on-going at

I wish this book would have been available seven years ago. However, our blood, sweat, tears, and prayers at fundraising are what allows me to give “Affording Adoption” seminars today to the wonderful clients of MLJ Adoptions, Inc. Those who have completed the amazing adoption journey tend to use their knowledge as a ripple-effect to help those just starting the journey. What a blessing! Hear Julie speak on September 15, 2012 at the Crossroads of America Adoption Conference, and be inspired by her story.

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Camie serves as MLJ Adoption's Financial Resources Coordinator. She successfully raised over $50,000 for the adoption of her two daughters from Vietnam. Camie is a pastor’s wife, busy mother of five, educator, and advocate for the fatherless.