Adopting from Ukraine – A 2017 Update!


Adopting from UkraineThis past year started with another round of Ukraine Winter Hosting! MLJ Adoptions loved having the opportunity to introduce children who have been orphaned in Ukraine to families in the United States for several weeks during the winter and summer. Several families decided to move forward with adopting from Ukraine after participating in hosting!

In May, four members of our team were able to travel to Ukraine to meet with our in-country staff and visit an orphanage where several children who were/are being adopted by MLJ Adoptions’ families reside(d). Since Ukraine requires a longer stay in country than other programs, it is helpful for our team to witness what it may be like for families and to see the living conditions of children who we are placing. Meeting so many older children waiting on families, giving hugs and hearing their stories spurs our team on to work diligently to advocate on their behalf.

In 2017, five families were matched with children; three of these families participated in hosting.

  • Male child, 5 years old – 2 month wait
  • Male child, 11 years old – 3 month wait
  • Female child, 5 years old – 3 month wait
  • Male child, 9 years old – 4.5 month wait
  • Biological Siblings, male age 12, male age 10, male age 7 – 4 month wait

We currently have a family in country hoping to come home later this week, and another family traveling to bring home their children at the beginning of 2018!

Adopting from Ukraine with MLJ Adoptions continues to be a good fit for families interested in shorter timeframes and open to adopting older children. While we did see two families matched with children who were five years old, families entering the Ukraine program should be open to a child up to the age of eight or nine years old.

As we look towards 2018, we are eager to be able to assist more families in our Ukraine program through our partnership with Host Ukraine. Host Ukraine is a non-profit organization with years of experience in giving Ukrainian orphans a loving family experience.

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Caitlin Snyder works as the Director of Marketing and Outreach for MLJ Adoptions. Working in international adoption has given Caitlin the unique opportunity to pursue both a passion to advocate on behalf of vulnerable people and a profession at the same time.