Adoption Ministry


Adoption and ministry go hand in hand. Adoption is something so big that you can’t do it on your own so adoptive parents are dependent on the ministry of others to help support them through the process. And the needs of orphans are so great that no one ministry or church can care for them all. Again, united effort is necessary.

There are many wonderful ministries that support adoptions through financial grants, child development resources, and emotional support. And there are any number of churches who have their own orphan care and adoption support ministries. Of course, in our adoption journey we connected with and received ministry from many of these ministries. At the same time, some of our greatest emotional support came from the small group of ordinary folks that we call our church family.

I want this blog entry to be about how an ordinary church of any size can be a major support to adoptive families.

Even though our church is small, and so far we are the only ones that have even considered adoption, our people were extremely supportive. Everything from some small financial gifts to just standing in the aisle and asking how things are going were tremendous blessings. When people show interest and are willing to pray, it is a great encouragement to adoptive families. One very specific way that any church can be an encouragement is a baby shower or a welcome home shower. People at our fellowship poured out love and encouragement at this time.

Another way to look at adoption ministry is to consider the ministry that the adoption process is to those who are observing. Our obedience to the Lord’s leading in adopting two little girls was closely observed by the members of our church. God used the lives of others to get us thinking about adoption and He may use us to get others on this journey. Everything from seeing how God provided for the cost to just seeing the joy in our family is a testimony to the blessing of adoption.

Finally, I want to say that when it comes to adoption ministry we were the recipients! God has blessed us in so many ways through the adoption process and through our girls’ lives! We saw God overcome hurdles and at the end of it all, we were standing in an airport waiting lounge holding two precious daughters in our arms. Somebody said that they, “hit the lottery,” by being adopted into our family. But I prefer to think that we did; we hit the blessing lottery!

Photo used with permission.

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