Why We Chose to Adopt from Bulgaria


When Michael and I decided to adopt internationally, our next step was to choose a country from which to adopt. We prayed for guidance and did a lot of research to find the right fit for us. One thing we learned is to have another country in our back pocket in case we need to pull it out to replace our original choice. We first had a country picked out from Central America. We had traveled there for our honeymoon and thought this was the right fit for us. But one thing we had to keep in mind was to have an open mind and an open heart for what God has planned for us.

We went to an initial information seminar thinking we had made our decision for one country and walked out with a different choice. Once we heard about Bulgaria we instantly heard God’s voice in our hearts. We loved hearing about the children and the country intrigued us. Our hearts kept pulling us towards Bulgaria, so we decided to research it more and pray for divine intervention. We had to be honest with ourselves and weigh the things we wanted in our journey with a country versus the things that weren’t calling to us in our hearts. We looked at Bulgaria’s history. We love the story that Bulgaria radiates.

The price involved is the perfect range for us. One thing we found is that domestic and international adoptions are within the same price range. We love that MLJ has been so honest with us. It is refreshing to have an agency tell us all the costs for Bulgaria upfront. We had a few agencies seem cheaper until they told us the “hidden costs” and other factors they weren’t originally quoted in the original price. Also Bulgaria’s travel times are within reason for us as well. And we want to adopt two young children (related or non-related siblings). We also want a country we feel we could trust and being Hague approved was important to us. Someone also explained to us the importance of deciding what we felt would be acceptable in our own community. These children will be coming home to a new and diverse country. They will be attending school and exploring their new journey in our small town. Looking at those factors when we decided on Bulgaria was significant.

And one more thing we used to help us decide to adopt from Bulgaria… our daughter. We want her to be involved in the process, and her feelings are important to us. She loves history and learning about different countries. Once we told her about what we found, she was thrilled. We feel our adoption journey needs to be with Bulgaria. We feel our hearts are in the right place. As a family, we are letting God lead the path. Like any path we may take, it is going to have twists, turns, hills, and maybe even some bumps; but we are confident that if this doesn’t work out for us, that God will help us rediscover another path.


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