Adoptions in Haiti – What We Know Now


Each day I am given more information about the process in Haiti. While there are many unknowns, the following appears to be known at this time and may by important to you if you are adopting from Haiti.

  1. Only 19 adoption agencies are currently approved to do adoptions in Haiti at this time; MLJ Adoptions is one of the agencies approved to process adoptions in Haiti. These agencies are the first to receive confirmed information and will be your best resources for information on Haitian adoptions.
  2. The Haitian government will continue to process Haitian adoptions.
  3. Previous requirements of the parents are still in place, but there is discussion about revisions to those requirements.
  4. The Hague Convention on Inter-country adoption is not yet in full-force in Haiti.
  5. Haiti must deposit their ratification of Hague and laws with the Hague Permanent Bureau and then after approval and three months will be considered Hague.
  6. However, the U.S. must still acknowledge Haiti as Hague compliant for U.S. families to adopt from Haiti (so deposit with Hague and acceptance by US are still necessary for full implementation of the Hague Convention).
  7. A quota system limits the number of adoptions that can be filed each month is in place in Haiti.
  8. It is unknown if new agencies will be approved to work in adoptions in Haiti; however, the agency must be licensed by their state, have Hague accreditation and be approved by the Haitian government. Hague accreditation takes approximately 18-24 months at this time.
  9. “Grandfathering” in adoptions either under Haitian laws for US immigration may happen but it also may not happen. Know the reasons you could get stuck in the process!
  10. There are many unknowns in the future of Haitian adoptions. It is important that you understand that starting an adoption in Haiti has many risks and be willing to accept those risks.

Haiti has a long history of international adoptions. The presence of independent international adoption, lack of proper oversight and transparency and presence of corruption pushed Haiti to change their laws and pursue Hague adoptions. We have seen many countries in which these same factors halted all adoptions (Guatemala & Vietnam). We are encouraged that Haiti has taken these steps and sought the best interest of the most vulnerable children in their country. Our hope is that their implementation of new laws and the Hague is done effectively and efficiently.

Photo Credit: Alex Proimos

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