An Orphan – Circumstances of Birth

My niece just turned one. As the newest and youngest member of our family she is showered with love and affection, not only by her parents but also by the rest of her extended family. She is the apple of everyone’s eye in our family. She is blessed to have been born into a family who can provide her with plenty of nutritious foods, clean water and lots of love and affection. I can tell you that one of my favorite things to do in my down time is to spend time with this little angel.

Which family she was born into was not her choice and her ability to thrive is merely a circumstance of her birth and the fact that she was born to able and loving parents. When I watch her I am reminded of the millions of children worldwide who, just because of the circumstances of their birth are not so blessed. Many children are born into circumstances where they are not provided nutritious foods and suffer from malnutrition, lack of clean water and medical care. Many children are born to poverty struck parents who have no means to care for them. Many children are born worldwide and unwanted and left abandoned. My beautiful adorable niece will benefit from the circumstances of her birth, will be well care for and grow into a healthy and happy adult. By contrast millions of children, due to circumstances of their birth, will suffer and the stark reality is some will not survive. While we never want a family to feel they have adopted a child to save a life, the plain truth is that this is just the case with many children, especially in some of our most impoverished countries.

The world is an unfair place, especially for children and these children do not have a voice. Lend your voice to these children, do something to make a difference in their world and in their lives. There are so many ways those of us who want to help can, yet so many just do not know where to begin. Here are some suggestions to how to make a difference.

  • Consider expanding your family through international or domestic adoption
  • Consider opening your home to a child in need through Foster Care
  • Donate your time to organizations dedicated to helping children in need
  • Donations of clothing, toys, medical supplies and school supplies are always needed
  • Start an Orphan Ministry in your church
  • Assist families who are adopting with fundraisers or be a mentor to an adoptive family or a child
  • Be active with changing current legislation to be more favorable to international adoption
  • Become involved with organizations that speak to governments on behalf of these children such as CCAI or JCICS
  • Sponsor a child through a non-profit organization such as Children of Promise
  • Raise awareness – be informed and keep others around you informed about our orphan crisis by all means speak up for these children

My niece, my children and even you and I benefited from our birth circumstances; none of us should turn away from the millions of orphans worldwide who have no voice and are not being cared for.

Photo used with permission.

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Sonja Brown works as the International Program Director for MLJ Adoptions’ programs in Burkina Faso, Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti and Samoa. Sonja is also proud to work directly with our Individualized Country Program families who are adopting from countries where no adoption service providers currently operate.