Angels In Adoption: Lydia Tarr


Lydia TarrWe’re pleased to announce that MLJ Adoption, Inc.’s very own, Lydia Tarr, is being recognized as an Angel in Adoption by the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute’s (CCAI) Angels in Adoption Program! The program “honors individuals, couples, organizations that have made extraordinary contributions on behalf of children in need of families.” Lydia is such a deserving recipient of this prestigious award and we are thankful to work alongside such an incredible woman and a true orphan advocate.

Adoption is not just Lydia’s profession, but her passion. Lydia is a full time mom of seven children and a full time program director at MLJ, which as you can imagine keeps Lydia very busy! Lydia and her husband have adopted four children from Ukraine; one adopted as an infant, a sibling pair and one adopted as an older child. She has seven children all together!

Seeing the difference adoption made in the lives of her own children and families in her community, Lydia has worked tirelessly for the orphan. She started hosting programs for older children from Ukraine to come visit the United States. Now, in her capacity as an Adoption Program Director, Lydia works with adoptive families adopting from Bulgaria, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua and Ukraine. Her personal experiences give her a unique perspective and added wisdom into the adoption process. She seems to always know exactly what to say when difficulties arise in a family’s adoption journey. We like to think of Lydia as a great hand-holder for our families, as she walks alongside them on their adoption journey.

Lydia Tarr AdoptionThough adoption and adoption work is not always easy, Lydia always continues to push forward and never gives up. Two of the characteristics that are so inspiring about Lydia are her strong faith and huge heart for children. Lydia remains optimistic about the future for children despite what seems to be an overwhelming need. Lydia travels frequently and has seen thousands of orphans in need and in desperate conditions. Despite the vast need, Lydia remains positive and focused on bringing one child home at a time. Lydia often tells the story of “The Starfish on the Shore” by Loren Eisley to speak to the importance of focusing on one child at a time.

If you are unfamiliar with the story of “The Starfish on the Shore,” it is a sweet story about making a difference. The story goes that a man was walking along the beach and saw a young boy throwing beached starfish back into the water. The man, frustrated and seeing that there were so many beached starfish, said to the boy “Don’t you know that you can’t make a difference to all of the dying starfish?” The boy then looked up at the man, threw another starfish in the water and said “I just made a difference for that one…” Lydia tells this story to show the difference adoption makes for one child (which could mean life in some cases). In this story though, we think that the little boy represents Lydia, tirelessly and diligently working on behalf of each child bringing that child to the parents that they so deserve.

Lydia, we are so very proud of you for what you have done on behalf of children all over the world. We are truly blessed to work with such an incredible woman. Congratulations!

Angel in Adoption events are taking place this week. Other honorees this year include Deborra-lee Furness Jackman, Willie & Korie Robertson from Duck Dynasty, and Sean & Leigh Anne Tuohy, the inspiration behind the movie The Blind Side.

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