AshLee Frazier’s Adoption Story Brings Bachelor Sean Lowe to Tears


AshLee Frazier is one of many women competing for the attention and love of this season’s Bachelor, Sean Lowe, but she caught my attention the other night when she spoke about adoption.

AshLee and Sean had a very special one-on-one date last night, in which she opened up about her past. Sean had asked her about the kind of family she sees herself having in the future, and when she spoke about the children she would like to have, she mentioned the possibility of adoption.

AshLee proclaimed,

“There are so many children that don’t get adopted past the age of two or three, because everybody wants a baby.”

“It’s always been on my heart” said Sean, which came as a surprise to AshLee.

“That pulls on my heart strings, because I was adopted at [age] six, and when I was in a foster home, I was abused by a family.”

Although she had a tough childhood, she chooses not to be bitter, but to be grateful for the forever family that was brought into her life.

“Life brings you trials and tough times, and it’s your family that holds you together.”

She went on to tell about her domestic adoption. “I remember them taking me home from the court house, and saying ‘We’re going to tell you we love you every day’ they really have loved me every single day of my life”

Sean was brought to tears, and I’m sure many people that watched were also deeply touched by her story. AshLee spoke a great deal of truth in that many people who want to adopt are looking for infants. Statistics show that once a child hits age five – they only have a 5% chance of being adopted. At MLJ Adoptions, we often encourage families to consider adopting older children and sibling groups. Programs such as Bulgaria have many older children that are available for adoption with little to no wait, as do Nicaragua, Congo, and Samoa. Every precious child deserves a family!


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Jordan Kelly is a graduate of the Kelley School of Business where she majored in Marketing. As an assistant at MLJ Adoptions, Jordan does everything from event planning and managing social media, to writing blogs and designing advertisements.