Become a Part of the Adoption Community: Attend an Initial Information Session!


View More: I want advice on cooking, clothing or cars, I usually know who to reach out to. For cooking questions, I call my mom. For clothing questions, I call a friend. For car questions, I call my dad. I am thankful to be in a network of people who can answer most of my questions. Their expertise is varied, but between my family and friends, I know people with knowledge in a range of fields. Community is powerful in that way.

As an international adoption agency, MLJ Adoptions is thankful to be part of the adoption community comprised of adoption professionals, adoptees and brave adoptive families. Relationships within the adoption community are crucial to families at all stages in the adoption process. This community creates a safe place where questions about the process, attachment, behavior issues and creating an identity can be asked and answered.

Because we value community, we strive to give prospective adoptive families the opportunity to interact with families who have adopted. This gives prospective adoptive families a fuller picture of international adoption than what an adoption professional can share. At our upcoming Eastern European Initial Information Session on October 22nd, attendees will not only have the opportunity to meet members of our MLJ Adoptions Team, but they will be able to meet an MLJ Adoptions family who has previously adopted from Bulgaria. There will be a time for questions, and families who have completed the adoption process will be able to share their experiences. They provide excellent insight to the process, and the feelings many adoptive parents experience throughout it. Later in the day, MLJ Adoptions will host our annual Eastern European Adoption Celebration! This open house is an excellent opportunity to meet even more MLJ Adoptions families at all different stages of the adoption process. There will be refreshments provided and crafts to keep your children busy!

We hope this interaction will be valuable for families curious about the adoption journey of others. MLJ Adoptions strongly encourages prospective adoptive families to speak with families who have already adopted. If you are unable to attend the October 22nd event, we are able to provide you with contact information for MLJ Adoptions’ Reference Families, not just for our Eastern European country programs, but for all nine of our country programs as well.

RSVP to our Initial Information Session or Eastern European Adoption Celebration on October 22nd here. You may also contact us for more information on the session or on our international adoption programs.

Caitlin Snyder works as the Director of Marketing and Outreach for MLJ Adoptions. Working in international adoption has given Caitlin the unique opportunity to pursue both a passion to advocate on behalf of vulnerable people and a profession at the same time.