Bittersweet Holidays for Waiting Families


ID-100116592If you’re currently still in the process of your adoption, the holidays can be somewhat bittersweet. While eating treats, exchanging gifts, and hanging lights are all wonderful parts of the holiday, I know for most people that being with family is the most important part of the season.

In December of 2010 my family was waiting for the call to bring home my new brother, and though we were all very excited for Christmas to come – it felt as though Christmas without him would not be complete. I can remember the whole family was holding hands, gathered around the Christmas tree, each one of us in tears. It’s difficult to think that a child, thousands of miles away, will be alone on what should be the happiest time of year.

There are many families waiting for their new son or daughter, brother or sister, cousin or friend, to come home. I’m sure each one of them feels the same way as my family did that December – incomplete – and not only around the holidays, but each and every day until that child arrives home safe and sound.

While listening to the Christmas Station on Pandora (which might just be my favorite station, all year round), I heard a song by Jessica Simpson called “My Only Wish”. Although it has a fun and joyful melody, the words reminded me of how my family felt waiting for my brother during the holidays.

“If only given one wish for Christmas
A lot of things would truly come to mind
I’d think of everything from snow to trees and mistletoe
But only this one wish would touch my heart”

“My only wish for Christmas is you
You’re the only gift I wanted if I had to choose
Above all presents big and small, you’re the greatest gift of all
My only wish for Christmas is you”

If you’re waiting for a child to come home, making an ornament in their honor is a great way to keep them a part of the holidays. Be sure to check out how you can be a part of MLJ’s Holiday Ornament Contest!

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