Brooke Randolph, LMHC – Speaker Spotlight


10Brooke Randolph, LMHC has had a packed schedule of speaking engagements this summer. I am so glad that she will be sharing her expertise with those audiences in both the United States and Canada. This past May, Brooke spoke to an audience mostly of professionals in international adoption and child welfare at Joint Council for International Children’s Services’ 37th Annual Child Welfare Symposium. She spoke on the topic of Recruiting, Training and Managing Volunteers. This is such an important topic for both adoption agencies as well as other international child welfare organizations. Recruiting, training and managing volunteer has become increasingly important for our organization, as we have increased ongoing support services adding more education weekends for parents, themed parties and providing other opportunities for community building and education.

Brooke will also be speaking in June at the 2013 North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC) conference on nutrition, a topic on which she regularly presents. This presentation is called “Nutrition: Nurture Health and Behavior,” this is a workshop that will introduce research surrounding nutrition and equip parents with ways to interpret cravings and to shape child behavior using dietary choices. She will also be speaking on this same topic in August at NACAC’s conference in Canada.

At MLJ, we are so fortunate to have Brooke’s expertise in her capacity as Vice President of Social Services. In my opinion, some of the best teachers are the most curious students and I think that Brooke really epitomizes that. She is an outstanding teacher and a continuously curious student. She is always learning, researching new techniques and resources to help families. This knowledge is used in the development of both MLJ’s Adoption Preparation Department and Post-Adoption Department, which she manages. Brooke is also committed to quality improvement at MLJ. This is something that is important to all of us, and Brooke always takes initiative to modify practices to serve the best interests of children and best meet the needs of MLJ’s client families.

I have known Brooke for approximately five years and during that time I have had the honor to learn from her and work with her. I am always excited to take MLJ’s new class offerings or see what the next support services opportunities will be. I think that MLJ has such innovative and child-centered education and support services because of Brooke’s efforts and am thankful to continue learn about the social aspects of adoption from her and her team. I am also so excited for her in her new role as a mom to a little boy who recently arrived home from Samoa!

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