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How Do I Begin an International Adoption?

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How Do I Start an International Adoption?

The first step of a journey is often the most difficult. There is fear of the unknown and uncertainty in knowing if you are making the right decision. Your mind is likely full of questions, and answers are not always easy to find, especially in international adoption. If your family is considering international adoption, we ...

Five Ways to Honor an Adoptive Mother-To-Be on Mother’s Day

Completing an international adoption requires enough paperwork to kill dozens of trees. And imagine dealing with the red tape of not only your own state and federal governments but also the government agencies of another country! All in an effort to obtain that final piece of paper that says this family you’ve been imagining can ...

Creating an Adoption Account at a Local Church

For families who are fundraising for their adoption, creating an adoption account through their local church can be beneficial to raising the necessary funds for an adoption process. The benefits of establishing an adoption account are twofold. First, it allows donations given to this account to be tax-deductible.  Second, it also gives the local church the opportunity ...

Affording Adoption When You are Single

Adopting as a single parent is quite possible and easier than you may think. According to research conducted in 2000, 33% of children adopted from Foster Care were by a single parent. So, it is not surprising that many singles will investigate the possibility of international adoption as well. Across the US, the number of ...

FAQs for Single Women Adopting Internationally

There are options for single women interested in adopting a child internationally. MLJ Adoptions has assisted many single parents on their adoption journey and we look forward to not only continuing to do so, but also continuing to find new and meaningful ways to provide additional support for these families. The single parents who have ...

Adoption Tax Credit Won’t Benefit All Families

We often receive phone calls about the Adoption Tax Credit, a source of great confusion for many families. The adoption tax credit is an important benefit to promote adoption. But prospective adoptive parents need to know and understand the credit’s limits, particularly if they have low or moderate income. The most fundamental confusion about the ...

Families Can Assist with Affording Adoption

International adoption requires the services of many professionals so the cost can be considerable. Families often turn to fundraising for affording adoption. Involving family and friends in an adoption is not only an important way to educate them about adoption but also a good way for them to offer both financial and emotional support. This will ...

Book Review: No Biking in the House Without a Helmet

Every parent has had that moment where they have said something to their children and then they think, “Did those words actually come out of my mouth?” For example, I have said the following to my children: “don’t lick your shoe,” “don’t throw the cat,” “don’t ride the dog,” “don’t brush the sink with your ...

Engaged Education

Starting in January and going through March, each family that becomes an MLJ Adoptions’ client by making a first payment, will receive a free copy of The Connected Child. MLJ Adoptions is committed to supporting parents before, during and after adoption. One of the ways we work to do so is by preparing families as ...

Celebrate Your Adoptive Child’s Culture with these Crafts

The holidays are just around the corner. Your time becomes filled with shopping to find the perfect present for that special someone that has everything. Your kids are playing in the snow, drinking hot cocoa and possibly driving you crazy because school is out. If you run out of things for them to clean and ...

What Not to Say When You Attend an Adoption Fundraiser

Over the past few years, I have learned that when talking about adoption there are some things that you just don’t say or that you say differently so as not to unintentionally offend anyone. Already in our adoption process, many people have asked us, without meaning to be offensive, when we will be able to ...

What is a Lifebook?

A Lifebook is a connection to an adopted child’s past, a record of the child’s personal history and a valuable tool for helping a child understand the difficult transitions in his or her life. It is a detailed record of his or her life prior to adoption and a window into the child’s identity. Lifebooks ...

20 “Outside the Box” Ideas for Affording Adoption

Often adoptive families find themselves in a situation in which they need to fundraiser for their international adoption or domestic adoption. We have heard about the garage sales, bake sales, golf outings, auctions and grant options.  However, there may be ways that bring in money for adoption expenses that we have not considered.  The following ...

11 Tips to Write an Effective Adoption Fundraising Letter

International adoption requires the services of a lot of professionals – social workers, attorneys, translators – and the expenses add up. Increasingly, prospective adoptive parents are turning to fundraising letters to raise these funds for their adoption. Below are 11 tips for writing an effective adoption fundraising letter. Clearly articulate your passion to adopt and ...

MLJ Adoptions To Host Affording Adoption Seminar

For the employees of MLJ Adoptions, adoption is not just a profession, but a personal passion. Camie Schuiteman is the perfect example of how adoption is not only her day job, but also one of her favorite ways to serve others and advocate for the orphan. In addition to home schooling her children and assisting ...

Orphan Sunday

Rooted in the Christian faith is the commandment to look out for those in need. Throughout the Bible, various scripture passages call attention to the importance of caring specifically for the orphan child. The Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO) coordinates a special initiative called Orphan Sunday. The first Sunday in November, across the globe, churches ...

Children’s Book Review: Chosen by Love

Having just written a blog on “sacrificial saving” for your adoption, I confess my downfall is believing books are needs and not wants!  So, when I discovered an adoption book for children that did not grace my bookshelf, I entered the EBay world. Chosen By Love, written by Tom Jaski, is a faith-based story about ...

Yes, You Can Afford Adoption!

YES! You CAN afford adoption! “Sacrifice” according to Webster can be described as a “surrender of something for the sake of something else.” This certainly describes the adoption funding process. You have chosen to sacrifice for something precious – your child. Just as each child is unique, so are the families who adopt. This means ...

MudLOVE: Unique Opportunity for Adoption Fundraiser

International adoption is expensive. Many families on their adoption journeys look for creative ways to fundraise and finance their adoptions. We are thankful to have had the opportunity to speak with an organization that has helped some of our MLJ Adoptions families make their adoption dreams a reality. Kristin Elsner is the Administrative Director for ...

7 Tips for an Effective Auction Fundraiser

The journey to adoption is not an easy one. The financial aspect was an especially daunting obstacle we had when we started this process. Before we had even turned in our application to MLJ Adoptions, we had bought and read (three times) the book Adopting without Debt by Julie Gumm. It’s a great quick read ...
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