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What Can I Do with my Host Child?

You’re about to have an exciting time with your host child from Ukraine! They will be on their first overseas trip, and will be visiting a new country. You will be bringing a child into your home as you decide if international adoption is for you. You both will be building a new relational bridge ...

What is the Ukraine Hosting Program?

Last winter, MLJ Adoptions reintroduced our Ukraine Hosting Program! We saw tremendous success in the program, both last winter and again this summer. This winter, we will be facilitating another hosting program for children without families from Ukraine to come to the United States and live with a host family for several weeks. What is ...

Three Reasons to Consider Adoption from Ukraine

Adoption from Ukraine has various benefits for families and children. Since 2010, between 300 and 650 children have joined U.S. families from Ukraine each year1. While it is a less popular adoption program than in years past- a decade low of 303 children joined their families in 2015- it is still an adoption program that ...

4 Reasons to Participate in an Orphan Hosting Program this Summer

MLJ Adoptions will be bringing 12 Ukrainian children to the U.S. from July 11 – August 5, 2016 for our 2016 Summer Hosting Program. We are excited about this opportunity for the children to travel to the U.S., taking a break from institutional life and spending time with a host family. There are many reasons ...

Ukraine Hosting Program Brings Boys to Families

I spent last weekend at a First Robotics Competition cheering on my sixteen year old son’s robotics team. Nick is a member of the drive team which means he gets to go out on the competition field and assist in maneuvering the robot. When his team was introduced to the large, cheering crowd, Nick’s face ...

Host Family Needed!

Oleksander and Mykyta (ages 6 & 9) These two adorable brothers are described as being very good boys. Oleksander is quiet and has a mild speech delay. Both boys have many friends, love cars and computers. The brothers will be visiting Indiana as part of our Ukraine Summer Hosting, July 11th through August 5th. Hosting provides ...

A Very Ukrainian Christmas

While traveling this November with Lydia Tarr to Ukraine, I found a beautiful book called Ukrainian Cuisine and Folk Traditions by Lidia Artiukh. I picked up this book in an area called “The Slope” in Kyiv, Ukraine, which is appropriately named given the market is located in a hilly area. If you are a lover ...

Anya’s Story

Anya participated in MLJ Adoptions’ Ukraine Hosting Program in 2006. She and her siblings were adopted by her host family. Anya shares about her hosting experience and how her life has changed since being welcomed into her forever family. I was 12 years old when I came to America, I was just about to begin ...

A Taste of Ukraine: Ukrainian Salad Recipe

One easy way to celebrate the culture of your internationally adopted child is to prepare foods from their birth countries. During the summer, a great treat for my four Ukrainian children is what we call our “Ukrainian Salad.” Its name may be a bit misleading, as it seems any chopped up dish with vegetables can ...

Why Should You Choose MLJ Adoptions to Adopt from Ukraine?

The landscape of adoption in Ukraine is changing. With the imminent arrival of the Universal Accreditation Act, independent adoptions will no longer be possible. Families wanting to adopt from Ukraine will need to choose an agency to partner with. Many families that have participated in hosting, or are open to a special needs child, will be ...

Adopting an Older Child Provides a Brighter Future

Anastasia, who now goes by Annie, was adopted at age nine by her forever family. At age nine, there was very little hope that she would be adopted and she most likely would have faced a grim future. Now 16, she is a sophomore in high school, just passed her driver’s test,  and has grown ...

Summer Hosting Program Offers Benefits to Children and Families

The mission of MLJ Adoptions is to serve children in need. We are committed to working collaboratively with organizations that share this purpose. Below, Laurel Boylan, a founder of God’s Waiting Children, highlights an opportunity for families to host children from Ukraine this summer. Is hosting an orphan in your home this summer right for ...

My Lifelong Commitment to Ukraine

In the last few weeks my heart has been very heavy for my children’s birth country, Ukraine. I love this country and the strength they represent. They have fought long and hard and have been oppressed many times over the centuries, yet they march on. The Ukrainian people represent endurance and resilience to me. I ...

Top 10 Reasons To Adopt From Ukraine

Having made numerous trips to Ukraine in the past ten years, I have been able to observe many benefits in the Ukrainian adoption process. Ukrainian adoption is a fast paced process filled with great possibilities for those families wanting to adopt older children, sibling groups or even special needs children. As a mother to four ...

Ukrainian Christmas/New Year Traditions

When I think of Christmas traditions images of hanging stockings, lighting the tree, and eating holiday ham fill my head. Other countries, however, have different Christmas customs. In Ukraine, Christmas is celebrated on January 7th instead of the traditional December 25th, due to a change in the calendar that was in use over 2000 years ...
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