Celebrating Father’s Day: Our Country Programs


At MLJ Adoptions, we recognize the importance of families and would like to give a special thank you to all our fathers, adopting fathers to be and adoptive fathers. To honor our fathers on this day, we would like to recognize some of our countries and how they celebrate Father’s Day.

Mexico: In Mexico, Father’s Day is about honoring all fathers and father-like figures. This can include big brothers, uncles, stepfathers, and other male role models who are also celebrated in Mexico in addition to their fathers and grandfathers. Similar to the U.S., gift-giving and greeting cards are given to show love and thanks on this special day. In Mexico City, an annual race gives fathers and their children the chance to spend time together by running road races to celebrate, this race is also called “Carrera Día del Padre 21K Bosque de Tlalpan”. Like MLJ Adoptions, Mexico believes in the importance of the family unity and bonding within the home. Honoring the men of the family is no exception to this rule!

Bulgaria: In Bulgaria, many families celebrate Father’s Day twice a year. Like the United States, Father’s Day takes place first on the 3rd Sunday in June. Father’s Day is also celebrated on December 26th to honor Saint Joseph from the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. In Bulgaria, Saint Joseph is regarded as a Patron Saint of all fathers. To honor their fathers on both days, children usually present their fathers with homemade gifts.

Ukraine: Ukraine families traditionally celebrate Father’s Day on the 3rd Sunday in September of every year. It wasn’t until recently that Ukraine adopted Father’s Day as a legal holiday for the first time beginning on March 2019.

Nicaragua: As someone from Nicaragua would say, “Feliz Dia del Padre!” The Nicaraguans celebrate Father’s Day on June 23rd annually. Father’s Day has been celebrated within their culture since 1960, when it first became a holiday. Like Mexico, Nicaragua signifies the importance of recognizing and honoring all men considered father figures.

Haiti: Father’s Day is celebrated on the 4th Sunday of June in Haiti. Fathers of Haitian culture are honored on this day with greeting cards, a meal, and time spent with family. Sometimes families will celebrate with outdoor activities, such as time time spent on the beach. “bonne Fête des Pères!” or “Happy Father’s Day!” to the special men of Haiti!

Thank you to all the committed fathers, father figures and soon to be fathers that we are privileged to serve and have a wonderful Father’s Day!