Chinese New Year – Celebrate with Your Children!


It is always important to show your adopted children that you value their country of birth; this shows that you value them. One fun way to do this is by celebrating festivals and holidays that they may have celebrated had they lived in their country of birth. This weekend many Asians and some Pacific Islanders will begin celebrations for the Chinese New Year. This holiday has other similar names, "Lunar New Year" is one often used.

The Chinese New Year is February 10th but festivities begin with New Year’s Eve on February 9th. On Chinese NYE, families have reunion dinners in which they share food, fellowship and gifts. One tradition is to have salad and each person to toss their salad as high as possible and the higher the salad the more good fortune they will have in the coming year.

The Chinese New Year is often celebrated with red clothing and decorations in the streets and in homes. Gifts are often given and wrapped in red as well. Gifts of oranges and money are most common. Other festivities often include dancing, music, fireworks and lanterns. The Chinese New Year is often consider the first of the Spring time festivals.

Countries in Asia from China to the Philippines celebrate this New Year. The Chinese New Year culminates on the 15th Day of the New Year with more family gatherings and festivities.

Whether you have adopted from China or adopted from Africa, you can celebrate other country’s holidays and festivals with your adopted children. It will show them that you value the international community and the differences we share. This in return will also demonstrate them that you value different cultures which means you value their heritage even though it is different than our American heritage. It is also a great learning experience for them and can be a lot of fun.

Photo Credit: Global Jet

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