Why Should I Choose MLJ Adoptions To Complete My Home Study?


MLJ Adoptions can complete your Indiana Home Study!Do you live in Indiana? Do you need a home study or family assessment for your domestic, relative, kinship, step-parent, international, or embryo adoption? Do you need a host home safety review for hosting an international orphan? Do you want professional services, experienced staff, a licensed and accredited agency, and timely responsive assistance? Do you want an agency that understands your needs and can work with other professionals on your specific case? If you answered YES to any of these questions, you want MLJ Adoptions on your adoption or hosting team!

Families who need any of the services listed above will find that MLJ Adoptions has much to offer! We will compassionately partner with you to help you reach your goal of adopting a child or hosting an international orphan. Our Social Services team offers years of experience in both the Indiana child welfare and domestic and international adoption fields. They understand the specifics of state adoption preparation requirements, federal laws, and foreign country expectations. Our social workers who come to your home not only understand the complexities of parenting, adoption and child welfare, but they also comprehend the parental and familial emotions involved in this family-building process. MLJ’s Social Services staff maintains consistently updated training hours to assure they are well prepared and capable of producing effective and professional home studies which meet the guidelines of the State of Indiana, the U. S. Department of State, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS,) and the Council on Accreditation. Our agency is licensed by the State of Indiana as a Licensed Child Placing Agency, is fully accredited by¬†the Council on Accreditation to conduct home studies which meet the Hague Convention for Intercountry Adoption requirements, has been approved to conduct adoptions in many foreign countries, and we are members of the National Council for Adoption. Our Executive Director, Nicole Skellenger JD, is a licensed attorney.

Once you contact MLJ Adoptions, we will personally assess your needs to assure our services meet your requirements. We will walk you through the home study or host home safety review process and assist you in navigating the paperwork challenges of the required medical exams, criminal history and Child Protective Services background clearances, personal history information, and financial documents required. There is no question too silly for our team! We will schedule meetings and home visits with you that are convenient for your family’s schedule. Our readily-available home study staff will complete your requested documents in a timely manner, assuring that you do not have to endure the extensive waiting times other agencies may have. Finally, we will strive to present your family in a holistic and accurate manner to help you achieve your dream of adoption or hosting.

Even after your home study or host home safety review is completed, MLJ Adoptions’ Social Services staff stand ready to provide you and your family with assistance, referrals to community services or just a ‚Äúlistening ear.” We know that adoption journeys are lifetime commitments and do not end with document completion! As an MLJ client, you will receive a monthly newsletter from us highlighting special events, adoption issues and free online training opportunities. Should you find that your adopted child or your family needs support, we will help connect you to free State-offered Post Adoption Services in your area. If you are experiencing a challenge in parenting, we can recommend books or articles from our extensive list of resources.

Each step throughout the adoption journey, MLJ Adoptions wants to be YOUR home study partner! For personal attention, timely service, experienced staff, professional documents, and ongoing support, contact us at 317-875-0058 or www.mljadoptions.com .

MLJ Adoptions can help you turn your adoption or hosting dream into a reality!

Karlene Edgemon works as MLJ Adoptions’ Director of Social Services. Throughout her 25 year social services career, Karlene has been able to watch adoption transform the lives of children and she is always brainstorming new ways to support adoptive families before, during and after their adoption.