Choosing Adoption Without Support: MTV's 16 and Pregnant

In a recent episode of “16 and Pregnant”, a MTV show documenting the lives of pregnant teens, Catelynn made the decision to place her child for adoption. Catelynn and her boyfriend Tyler made this courageous decision despite the surprising lack of support from friends and family. Catelynn’s mother even purchased baby cloths and a bassinet, despite the birthmother’s clear and well-reasoned decision to place the child for adoption.

While this episode was inarguably emotional and at some points difficult to watch, it opened many eyes to the realities of adoption from the viewpoint of a young birth mother. It was unbelievable to witness the couple’s selflessness in an effort to better the future of their child. This couple showed more maturity in their decision, and love for this child, than most would think that a teenager could be capable of. This child is more loved than she will ever know.

MTV did an outstanding job of portraying adoption for what it is….the ultimate loving sacrifice.

We are happy to have our wonderful intern contributing to our blog and honoring the courage and love of those expectant mothers that choose adoption as the best option for their children. Just like Catelynn, many expectant mothers do not have the support of family and friends for a variety of reasons. We are happy to offer counseling, support, and advocacy without charge to any expectant mother. For more information please contact Brooke, our Director of Expectant Care.

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