Christmas in Honduras


Christmas is one of the largest celebrations in Honduras. Much of the country celebrates Christmas, as an estimated 97% of the population is Catholic. For Hondurans, like Americans, Christmas is a time of both religious significance and a time to celebrate with family and friends. Christmas is celebrated on December 24th, though the parties and preparation start around December 16th.

Hondurans, like some other Latin American cultures, celebrate Las Posados, Spanish for “accommodations” or lodging.” It’s a tradition where relatives or friends knock on each other’s doors asking for a place to stay, representing Mary and Joseph’s journey searching for an inn. At first the family in the home will say no you are not welcome, but will then let their friends in for a party and they may even spend the night. Some families do this for the nine days leading up to Christmas, representing nine months of pregnancy.

Children traditionally receive presents, but on a smaller scale than in the U.S. It is very common to receive new cloths to be worn on December 24th. However, one new outfit is often all the family can afford. Dolls, toy cars, and other toys similar to those in the U.S. may also be received.

“Noche Buena” or Christmas night is celebrated on December 24th and the feast and fireworks often begin at midnight. Food is central to the celebration, and for many Hondurans, that means tamales. Some groups even have tamale swaps similar to North American cookie swaps! The Christmas meal varies from home to home, but may also include roasted pork, fried yucca, rice, turkey, sweets, eggnog and tamales of course.

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