Creating Valentine’s Day Traditions


Today is Valentine’s Day and I have been thinking about ways that I can make this year special for my kids by creating new traditions. I am constantly trying to find new ways to show my husband and children that I love them and Valentine’s Day provides a perfect opportunity for me to express my love for them in a special way. I think holidays, in general, should be about creating traditions and memories that your children can hold on to for the rest of their lives and some day pass on to their kids. So this Valentine’s Day I’m on a mission to establish some fun traditions of my own and I thought I would share some of the ideas I have come across.

Consider choosing a unique gift for your children on Valentine’s Day maybe a new board game every year, a new book, or craft kit. Take the time to do the activity with your children because spending quality time and creating memories is the most important part.

  • Make February the month of secret notes or messages. Leave love notes for your family in lunches, backpacks or brief cases, on a mirror or taped to a steering wheel.
  • Make heart shaped foods such as pancakes, sandwiches, cookies or pizza. You can also check your local pizza places to see if they offer special heart shaped pizzas and make a date with the whole family.
  • Exchange homemade cards or crafts. Spend time with your children creating Valentines for classmates, teachers, friends, and family members. Nothing brings a family together like doing crafts together and sharing things made from the heart.
  • Do a service project as a family such as making Valentine’s Day cards or crafts for people in a nursing home and go together as a family to deliver items. Just be sure to make arrangements with the facility before visiting.
  • Do a treasure hunt for your children in the morning or after school on Valentine’s Day. Write clues on paper hearts and have small prizes along the way and a fun surprise at the end.

Discover your child’s love language and try to work in traditions that will speak to them personally. Using love languages are a great way to bond with loved ones and especially a wonderful way to build attachment with adopted children. Take lots of pictures and include them in your scrapbooks or lifebooks to foster memories. Family photos are a great way for a child to see they are part of a loving family. Holidays are special to children and you can make this Valentine’s Day more memorable by creating your own family traditions.

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