Crossroads of America Adoption Conference Reflection


It’s been a little more than a month since the Crossroads of America Adoption Conference and I’m still reflecting. I had the pleasure of sitting in on some of the sessions offered at CAAC and was blown away by the speakers’ knowledge on different topics and the different perspectives they brought to the conference. Unfortunately I couldn’t sit in on every session, but I’ll happily share the secrets, lessons, and tidbits of brilliant knowledge that I picked up in the classes I did attended.

I absolutely loved Camie Schuiteman’s class, Affording Adoption. She shared ways families can fundraise for their adoption process and explained that money does not have to be a reason to not adopt. Her personal story of how she raised money for her adoption (of two children) along with the help of her family and friends is not only inspiring, it is also completely tangible. Camie shared little tips that help when applying for adoption grants. These tips are simple to do and may not take as much time as you might think. They could be the small touch needed to help receive desired adoption grants. An example of this is attaching a picture of your family to the application to make your situation more relatable and help your story come alive to the application review committees.

I wasn’t the only one loving Camie’s Affording Adoption seminar. Many were speaking high praises about the information she shared. The best part about this is that Camie teaches this class all year! It’s her specialty and I would HIGHLY recommend it for anyone considering adoption or in the process of adoption. And to top it all off, Camie is the type of person anybody would want to meet and chat with, especially about adoption. A great class and a great person to meet, all in one. You can’t beat that.

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