Crossroads of America Adoption Conference Speaker: Judy Miller


Welcome back, MLJ Adoption blog readers! It is our pleasure to introduce to you Judy Miller, one of our speakers for the Crossroads of America Adoption Conference (CAAC), taking place September 30 – October 1. We’re excited to have Judy because of her outstanding résumé within the Adoption field and our personal connection with her. She is MLJ’s Out of State Education Coordinator; working to help parents throughout their adoption process and after their adoption is complete.

Judy is a wife, and mother of four (three of which were adopted). She works as an adoption advocate, coordinating and teaching parent preparation education to parents who are in the adoption process. Some of Judy’s focuses with her teaching include being your child’s best advocate, transracial parenting, and adopted tweens and teens. At CAAC Judy will have a course on transracial adoption. This course will go into the ideas of understanding racism in light of history, stereotypes, current events, and more. Judy will include tools, resources, personal stories, and lots of research in this session for white parents of a non-white child to be prepared and to prepare your child to deal with racism. Her other class, titled Adoption vs. Normal will explain the importance of finding balance between focusing on adoption and simply focusing on being a family. She will explain and teach on how to follow your child’s lead to know what will be most helpful to them.

Some of Judy’s accolades include working as an Adoption Pro for Parenting Squad’s ProSquad and a columnist for the adoption network, Grown in My Heart. Appearing on MomTV’s, Adoption Angels and TogiNet’s, Adoption ~ Journey to Motherhood. She has also been featured in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Thanks Mom, Women Writing on Family, Pieces of Me: Who Do I Want to Be?, and A Cup of Comfort for Adoptive Families. We’re also excited to share with you that Judy has a new e-book coming out on August 1st titled, What to expect From Your Adopted Tween. More information can be found on her website Get excited to welcome Judy to the conference!

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