Eastern European Adoption Celebration is a Success!


blog squareLast weekend, MLJ Adoptions sponsored the fourth annual Eastern European Adoption Day (formerly known as the Bulgaria Open House) and we are thrilled to report that it was a great success!  Many prospective adoptive families attended our initial information session. Families in process of gathering their documents, families who are waiting on their referral, as well as families home with their children attended our celebration in the afternoon. A good time was seemed to be had by all – food, fun and fellowship is always a great combination!

This event is one of my favorite times of the year.  With so many of our MLJ Adoptions’ families living outside of Indianapolis, we do not always have the opportunity to meet the children (or families) face to face.  So, when we get the opportunity to see the sweet faces of the children we have helped to find their forever families, it is a joyous occasion.  I love seeing the smiles of the children that have come home and although they may have been coached by their parents, it is always fun to hear them say how much they love America.  I also love hearing the families tell their stories and being so willing to share and encourage others.

DSC_0107-001MLJ Adoptions has been fortunate to have built such a large Bulgaria program and we owe a lot of that success to the community of families that we have.  David and Cherie Eplion, and Susanne Crotty (former MLJ client families) took time out of their busy schedules to come and share about their adoption journeys and to encourage others to adopt from Bulgaria.  I have found that adoption has a ripple effect, like a pebble that sends out ripples in the water, so do the stories of adoption continue to reach out further and further – encouraging and equipping others on their journey!

If you are interested in hearing more about adopting from Bulgaria or Ukraine, please contact us.

Lydia Tarr works as the International Program Director for MLJ Adoptions’ programs in Bulgaria and Ukraine. She is the adoptive mother of four children from Ukraine and was recognized as a 2013 Angel in Adoption by the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute’s (CCAI) Angels in Adoption Program.