Family Night Fun


game night_credit neededIt’s that time of the year where we begin to wonder if the sun will ever shine again. The kids are back in school and evenings consist of homework and kids saying, “Mom I’m bored.” Or you have to keep repeating, “We are not playing video games tonight, you did that last night.” I remember the days my mom would say bundle up and go outside and play. However, that’s only fun for about 15 minutes and then you realize that your freezing and snow or brown grass isn’t that exciting.

Family time is something that is not really cherished today like it was when I was little. I can remember sitting around the dining room table playing games. I was an only child so when friends game over it was an automatic game night; it seemed that all the “cool” games needed four people to play. My parents would play numerous games and would even try to teach us new games, which always got frustrating so we went back to what we knew.  Along with game night always went pizza and popcorn because parties just are not the same without those two things.

I was a camp counselor a couple of years ago and they played these games called Minute to Win It and then I saw that it was actually a TV show. I think this would be a super fun family game night for all ages. You can either make teams or play solo, but anyway you do this will be a night to remember. Of course there are and endless number of games that you and your family could play.

Make sure to take pictures of you and your family, and don’t forget the big prize for the winner of the night. You could let the winner pick who does their chores for the week or choose what dessert is served; it does not have to be a store-bought prize. Who knows… this could be a new family tradition and you could invite more people and really get the party started!

Photo Credit: Colleen Kelly

Brittany Smith works as a full-time Home Study Assistant with MLJ Adoptions. Adoption and orphan care became a passion for her on a mission trip to China with Show Hope, an adoption and orphan care advocacy organization.