Five Reasons You Should Attend Our Eastern European Open House


For the past five years, MLJ Adoptions has sponsored an open house for families and children, to celebrate the heritage of Eastern Europe and offer opportunities for families to create community. The focus countries are Bulgaria and Ukraine, as we have adoption programs from those two countries. I feel there are so many wonderful benefits to this gathering – for everyone! Below are just a few of the reasons why you should consider attending!

  1. Building Community for Adoptive Parents: This is a great chance for families to meet and develop relationships with other families in all stages of the adoption process: families who haven’t yet decided on a program, families who are in the home study phase, families who are in the dossier phase, families who are waiting for a referral, as well as families who have met their child and families with children home, will all be at the open house event. It is a perfect time to make friends, ask questions about the program, the process, the travel, and the children!
  2. Building Community and Identity for Adopted Children: One of the most enjoyable opportunities for me is to meet the children who are home! I love seeing their beautiful faces and hearing from their families how they are doing. Their resilience always amazes me! It’s also important for the children to see others like them and to get to know each other through play.
  3. Meeting Our MLJ Team: This is also a time to talk to or meet the MLJ staff in person. Many families fly or drive long distances to attend the event because of the opportunity to both connect with adoptive families and with the MLJ Adoptions Team. Many of our families do not live in Indiana, and this event is a great way for families to meet us. After all the phone calls and emails, meeting someone in person helps to give a sense of confidence in the team you are working with.
  4. Entertainment For Your Kids (for those with children): There will be crafts and other children to play with, so your children will stay entertained while you enjoy some time to connect with other families and the MLJ Adoptions team.
  5. Just For Fun: Lastly, it is a chance to have a great time!

We hope to see each and every one of you there!


Lydia Tarr works as the International Program Director for MLJ Adoptions’ programs in Bulgaria and Ukraine. She is the adoptive mother of four children from Ukraine and was recognized as a 2013 Angel in Adoption by the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute’s (CCAI) Angels in Adoption Program.