Fundraising for Hosting


happy family ukraineIt’s often said that financing is the biggest hurdle to adoption; it may be the same for hosting as well. However, there are some easy funding options to help you get started and to get the word out, so that your friends may share in giving an orphan a life-changing, cultural trip to the United States, which very well may lead to a forever family!

Begin your hosting fundraising by clearly articulating why you desire to host a child from Ukraine. For a child who has never experienced the love and security of a family, this experience will change his or her life in a profound way. Involvement in a loving, accepting, nurturing environment may plant deep seeds in the child to rise above the sad statistics of orphan studies, where most turn to harmful activities after aging out of the institution. You will instill courage to overcome fear and to be open to accepting an adoptive family. You will dispel the myth that older children are too damaged to adopt. In addition, English fluency will sky-rocket. However, do not promise things you have no control over – such as the child’s behavior or future plans. Start by writing a letter or funding blog about your future hosting plans and have details in place for supporters to immediately donate to the child’s hosting experience. Donations could go directly to MLJ Adoptions, or to an online funding platform. You Caring and Crowdrise are just two of many options. Take note of the service fees and funding distribution. You will not be able to utilize platforms specific for adoption at this time.

Consider a no-cost fundraiser using Funds2Orgs, in which you collect used shoes. The amount raised is determined by the pound of shoes collected. Gather support through your employment, church, and school. A team of fundraising coaches will assist you from start to finish. Your personal coach will check in with you weekly during the process, and provide you with promotion and collection materials. Funds2Orgs will pick up the shoes you collect at a location where you have them consolidated. A check will be issued to you within two business days of the shoes being received at Funds2Orgs. If you utilize a strong support network, it is possible to raise $3,000 in 90 days. For general inquiries, contact Funds2orgs at or call (407)930-2979.

Springtime is perfect for enlisting your friends to clean out their closets and donate items for a garage sale. In my experience with adoption funding, it is easy to raise $1,000 or more through this venture. Consider these tips:

  • Choose a date which accommodates your “team” of volunteers. You need at least a month to prepare.
  • Choose times and stick by them. Don’t open late or close early. Have a plan if it rains.
  • Collect items in advance from numerous families. Be willing to pick up donations.
  • Price items reasonably. It’s better to sell more at lower prices.
  • Make sure items are in clean, working condition. Replace batteries. Wash, press, and hang clothes on hangers.
  • Price items clearly with tags that will not ruin the item.
  • Do not use the “colored dot” method. It is frustrating for buyers to remember the pricing system.
  • Advertise larger items.
  • Hang bright signs in the neighborhood that easily direct people to your location.
  • Arrange items in an organized, easy-to-view manner. Make the sale look inviting. Display items creatively!
  • Be kid-friendly! Children love a FREE box.
  • Thank your customers. Their purchase will change a child’s life.
  • Have fun! Wear silly aprons. Sell bottled water. Play happy music. Get lots of sleep the night prior. Go make money!

For more information about Ukraine Hosting or fundraising, contact us.

Camie serves as MLJ Adoption's Financial Resources Coordinator. She successfully raised over $50,000 for the adoption of her two daughters from Vietnam. Camie is a pastor’s wife, busy mother of five, educator, and advocate for the fatherless.