Getting to Know Heidi Weimer


Heidi Weimer is one of the Keynote Speakers and Breakout Session Leaders at this year’s Crossroads Of America Adoption Conference. Heidi leads a very busy life being a wife, a mother, a children’s book author, an adoption advocate, a blogger and believe it or not, a song writer. It’s an honor to have her, and we are so grateful she has made time in her schedule to speak.

Heidi is “a 30-something nose-ringed mom to ten-going-on-something stellar kids”, as she describes herself on her blog page. Four of her children are “via her belly” she says, and “6 via adoption from Ethiopia.” Heidi and her husband Kirk chose to adopt from Ethiopia because of their heart for the country’s people. Their family’s adoption journey started in early 2007, but their mission for the orphans is not over.

With the lovely 10 children Heidi and Kirk have been blessed with, they remain tremendously passionate about the Lord and continue to share their views and opinions about orphans. Heidi strives to live a life not of her own, but for Jesus, as she writes this in her blog: “At the end of the day, though, I realize that this is not my story; this is God’s.”

Her love for children has inspired her to be an author. She has written several children’s books, including “You’re My Little Love Bug”, “I Love You More Than…”, and “How Do I Kiss You?” All of her books are now available on Amazon.

Join us in hearing Heidi speak, in her session titled “Staying the Course: Persevering in Process and Post-Adoption.” Reserve your seat for the conference today. Also be sure to check out what people are saying about the conference using our live Twitter feed with #CAAC12. We hope to see you there!

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