Gripped by Despair


There are few times in life that I am gripped with an uncontrollable feeling of grief, despair, and pain. That is what I was left with as I pulled away from the government institution a few months ago in a third world country. This is a place where parents can drop off children because they can’t care for them any more. However, it is also a place where children are taken because they are removed from their home because of abuse, neglect, or extreme poverty.

The reason for my visit this day was to see the special needs children that are living there. As I walked in the room I saw two very sweet little girls. One was definitely an infant and the other, was a very small-framed preteen. I walked very fast to the infant girl, because I knew her, and I knew I would be comfortable with her. This was a safe place for me to go. As my time went on there in the special needs room I knew it was time for me to move to the small-framed little girl. My heart broke into pieces as I looked at her, knowing she needed a family, and her age was getting closer to that of the children who can’t be adopted. She is one of those children who are considered hard to place. Not only is she older, but also special needs. This little girl deserves a home, just as do the many children that were running around on the outside of this little room where she lay.

This broke my heart but it also served to confirm there are countless children with the special needs who need, and desire a home. Here in the United States we have been blessed with professionals that are educated in caring for most of the special needs that are on our list. We have preschool centers that specialize in caring for the needs of the children. In our Education system we have trained professionals that work with and educate the children through Individual Education Plans (IEP’s). In the United States, you are not alone in the special needs world. There are so many people on this journey to support and encourage you along the way. Adopting a special needs child may not be an easy road, but it is a road that leads to giving a child quality of life. Special needs adoption can offer a helpless child an opportunity of a new life.

At MLJ Adoptions we have several children that are in need of being adopted who are considered special needs. These children are considered special needs for various reasons; age, developmental delay, physical delay, or a special condition. These special children need loving homes which will help them achieve all the goals that can be set before them. Consider the future for these special children, and how you may help them be all they were created to be.

Contact Amy Moore, coordinator of Special Needs adoption for more information on this program.

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