Happy Independence Day Bulgaria!


MLJ Adoptions International’s largest program is the Bulgaria program. We love this country and the Bulgarian people.  Bulgarian’s take pride in their home and their country’s independence.  It is rich in culture and traditions that we love to learn more about and honor as best we can. 


The first celebration of Bulgarian Independence occurred on September 22, 1908.  At that time, Bulgaria had existed independently since the end of the Russo-Turkish war that occurred from 1877-1878.  On March 3, 1878, the San Stefano peace treaty was signed, and Bulgaria was liberated from the rule of the Ottoman Empire. It was not until 30 years later that Bulgarian Prince Ferdinand officially declared the country’s independence on September 22, 1908 in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, the original capital of Bulgaria.

(This is a photo of Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria decorated in lights of the nation’s colors across the city for the independence holiday).


Bulgarians show great pride in their country and celebrate their independence in many ways.  With the biggest and longest lasting celebrations typically happening in Veliko Tarnovo, however, the entire country celebrates its freedom.  Bulgarians celebrate in a variety of ways similar to the way we in the United States celebrate Independence Day on the 4th of July.  Celebrations occurring throughout the day include parades, preparing special foods, offices and schools are closed for the day, celebratory masses are held at cathedrals, wreath laying at war memorials, and concerts are provided all over the country.  It is a special time for people to come together and celebrate their country and their freedom.  

If you have adopted from Bulgaria, I encourage you to incorporate some celebrations and culture in your home for your child(ren) to recognize and honor their heritage.  This could be cooking traditional foods with your child, creating some type of craft or activity that represents their heritage, joining and/or participating in support groups of other families who have adopted from Bulgaria, listening to Bulgarian music, and learning alongside your child more about the history of this beautiful country.  All of these are great ways to incorporate Bulgarian pride and culture in your home and even continuing them beyond the Bulgarian Independence holiday. 

Честит ден на независимостта! (Happy Independence Day)