Having a Family

God created my family and I am so glad that I have them. My dad, my mom, my brothers and my sisters all care for each other, because that is what a family does for each other. I am proud of my family because they help me through everything – friends, homework, and a lot of other things. A family is a special blessing, it’s being loved.

I am proud of my mom because she works to find children families. That is exactly what she did for me, my two sisters, and my brother! My mom is always happy when somebody gets adopted. Sometimes my mom has us pray for a family she knows or the children she is trying to help. I wish that all children had families that love them.

Having a family is being together when it matters. My family is crazy, and we argue, but we still love each other. Most families DO NOT ALWAYS GET ALONG GREAT!!!!!! They fuss, they whine, they hit, they smack, they kick, … (Totally not perfect) but they are there for each other. Parents teach you what is important, everything from manners, God, and how to behave.

Families are great, and what I really like about families are the members of the family. The whole gang is what matters. They love you no matter what you do (even if you even broke something). My family is the best and I love them very much.

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