Helpful Hints From Our Ukrainian Journey

Our journey to Ukraine was absolutely amazing! Our journey began October 17, 2009 and ended on November 24, 2009. Even though we ran into some delays we had not expected, our trip was so rewarding. The director at Cayden’s orphanage was so caring, kind, and generous during our trip, and our facilitator was knowledgeable and helpful throughout our journey. The following is a list of helpful hints that aided us throughout our adventure:

  • We needed to buy a new Sim card for our cell phone. Our facilitator was able to help us purchase this.
  • Having other smaller bills besides crisp one hundreds was also good. Your other bills will also need to be crisp and new. We recommend having several fifties, twenties, and tens.
  • The SDA appointment was the first official order of business in Kiev. This appointment only lasted about 30 minutes. The questions at this appointment were based around “why are you adopting” and the health issues of your child.
  • The chunk of the rest of the journey was in our child’s region. We were able to visit him, and the facilitator did a lot of paperwork. Something to note: If you want to change your child’s Ukrainian name to an American name, you will need to have the name picked out when you arrive at your region.
  • Our court date was given after we arrived in our region.
  • We took time to visit area parks, museums, and other points of interest. We took many pictures of the region. These photographs will be very valuable later to share with our child.
  • The last day in the region was a very busy day. We were finalizing all of the documents and getting a passport for our child. We hired a driver for about 12 hours to take us to all the different places that were needed.
  • The last leg of the journey was back in Kiev. We had documents for the US Embassy & made an appointment later in the day, We had to go to the medical center for our child’s physical, and then back to the US Embassy for an appointment with a US officer. We completed this part of the journey in one day.

Our journey ended up being about 5 ½ weeks. Even though the time did go by slowly, the rewards are unexplainable. We have given an orphan a forever family, and we became parents of a beautiful son. GOD IS AWESOME!

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