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A little known fact about MLJ Adoptions, Inc. is that we can provide home study services to American citizens living abroad interested in international adoption. Whether you are living abroad because you are a missionary, student, for work, or in the military and stationed overseas, we may be able to help you complete your home study. The home study must be sufficiently completed and meet the criteria of the governmental agencies involved in an international adoption, and depending on where you are residing there may not be someone qualified in the area to perform a home study that meets that criteria. For example, countries such as Afghanistan, Uganda, Guatemala, Democratic Republic of Congo and other countries in Africa, Asia, or Central America may not have anyone experienced and qualified who is able to complete a home study that meets the standards for U.S. immigration and/or the country from which you would like to adopt.

The process for international adoption can be complex and may be more so because you live overseas. It is so important to find an agency and a home study provider that is experienced in working with families living overseas. MLJ Adoptions is qualified to complete home studies for Americans living abroad because we are an adoption agency licensed in the U.S. and Hague approved and we have experience writing home studies that are acceptable to USCIS and the countries for which we serve as a placement agency. Each state in the U.S. and each country that you are adopting from have different regulations; when it comes to international adoption we diligently research the guidelines for the areas we are completing home studies for and make sure that we are able to meet them.

Currently not many agencies are capable and willing to send staff to other countries to complete a home study. MLJ Adoptions feels that this is an important service to offer because we have received reports from some of our clients that they have not had great experiences using other agencies for international adoption services while living abroad. MLJ Adoptions started offering home study services to Americans living abroad in 2011, and we have since experienced good success completing home studies abroad. Our staff is experienced with traveling and enjoys providing services to American expatriates pursuing an international adoption.

It is our goal at MLJ Adoptions to complete the home study draft as efficiently as possible to ensure there is no delay in the adoption process. Our Home Study Coordinators thoroughly complete each report according to Hague standards. We’re experienced working internationally and have placement programs in Bulgaria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nicaragua, Samoa and Ukraine. If you are considering one of these country programs please contact us for more information about the different services we offer.

We’re excited that we continue to grow and are able to expand the services that we offer. Completing home studies for Americans living abroad is only a small portion of the services we have to offer at MLJ Adoptions. We are excited about continuing to work with Americans living abroad, and we are happy to talk with you about how to start the home study process no matter where you reside.

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