How To Make A Map Photo Frame


As National Adoption Awareness Month continues we’re looking at different fundraising options. If you are looking for a way to help reach your fundraising goals and explore your crafty side sites such as Pinterest are your bread and butter! To give you a kick start for your amazingly productive craft time I am going to give you some direction on one Pinterest inspired project!

To make this Map Photo Frame you will only need a few things, that you probably have lying around the house. 1) a cardboard box, something along the lines of a cereal box, 2) a map, maybe of the country you are planning on adopting from, 3) spray glue, 4) and an exacto knife.

Our first step is to make a base for the matting.

Step 1: Draw a template that is either 5” x 7” or 4” x 5”, depending on your picture frame size. You can either draw the rectangle free hand or use Microsoft Word or PowerPoint to draw an appropriate size box.

Step 2: Attach the template to your cardboard box using spray adhesive or a similar glue product.

Step 3: Once the adhesive has dried cut out the interior rectangle using an Exacto knife.

Step 4: Move your map around on your base until you have decided which part of the map you would like displayed on your frame.

Step 5: Once you have the perfect placement selected make a slight crease around the matting so that we can remember where to glue.

Step 6: Turn the map over and spray glue the cardboard to the back of the map.

Step 7: To cut out the inside rectangle, where your picture will eventually go, cut diagonal lines in the inside rectangle.

Step 8: Finally, fold back the cut flaps to create a smooth finish. Don’t forget to trim away the excess map, or else the matting will not fit inside your frame.

Now you can place the matting inside a picture frame and enjoy! Such a simple and fun craft that can make such a big difference and is a great way to create fun and unique items to sell to help you meet your fundraising goal.

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