How to Raise Money for an Adoption


There are many different ways to alleviate the financial stress of adoption. Here are just a few ideas to get you started on the road to fundraising for you adoption.

  • Garage sales and yard sales – They are a popular way to raise money for adoption. Families can go in together to have larger scale garage sales to help raise money and split the profits. This allows more hands to be available the day of the sale as well as more people to set up, tear down, and advertise. When doing garage sales for adoption fundraising, make sure to advertise using the words “Adoption Fundraiser” so that people know what the profits of the sale are going towards. Putting out a donation jar is also helpful in getting additional donations on top of sales. People seem to be less willing to negotiate prices if they know the money is going toward adoption.

  • Fundraising dinners – They are a popular idea with lots of families in the adoption process. Tickets can be sold for a set price or families can ask for a donation per plate. A silent auction can be done during the dinner with prizes that were donated from local businesses. A bake sale or bake raffle during dessert can also bring in additional funds during your dinner.

  • Local business fundraisers – There are lots of partnerships that can be found with local businesses for adoption fundraising. Chick-fil-a, Fazolis, Applebees, and Ruth Chris select locations offer fundraising nights for adoptive families. The families can advertise their fundraising night and a percentage of the sales from food or beverages will go to the adoptive family.

  • Flower Power offers an easy way to fundraise for adoption. A family can set up an account and create a website which features an online catalogue of products. They can then send people links to their online catalogue and people can order straight from the source. The products are shipped directly to the buyer and the family can receive 50% of the sale of the flowers.

  • Tee shirt fundraisers – Lots of families have tshirt sales and there are websites set up which feature adoption fundraising packages to help ease some of the stress of fundraising. Wild Olive Tees offer a fundraising partnership in which adoptive families can sell specific designs of women’s tshirts and receive a percentage of the sale. My Crazy Adoption at has Simply Love tshirts fundraising packages for sale. For $79 you can purchase their Simply Love fundraising kits which already have the designs and wholesale prices for tshirts. Adoption Bug at offer family fundraisers with their tshirt designs. 147 Million Orphans at have a fundraising program for adoptive families. Show Hope at also offer their unique designs for wholesale prices for adoptive families looking to fundraise with tshirt sales.

  • Grants – There are lots of adoption grants out there to apply for as well. Lifesong for Orphans and Show Hope offer grants and matching programs for adoptive families. The Fatherless Foundation offers grants for those looking to adopt. Many churches offer grants to members of their congregation looking for help with the costs of adoption. There are grants for specific states, programs, countries, as well as special needs adoption programs. All of these grants can be found though search engines and some have free or minimal donations to access their applications.

The costs of adoption can be overwhelming at first look but there are many programs and partnerships that are offered which can help alleviate the financial stress of adoption.

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