IHNFA Sees Passion For Children And Adoption On Indiana Visit

At the end of January, MLJ Adoptions had the fortunate opportunity to host the Director and Secretary general of Instituto Hondureño de la Niñez y la Familia (IHNFA). This organization is a governmental agency of Honduras that deals with child and family issues. While visiting Indianapolis, Maria Suyapa Nuñez Martinez and Ivonne Torres had the opportunity to meet with prospective adoptive parents, adoptive parents, and non-profit organizations assisting with the orphan crisis in Honduras.

On Thursday, January 20th IHNFA received a warm welcome from our clients, prospective clients, Honduran aid organizations, and MLJ team members at a welcome reception held in their honor. Lydia Tarr, Program Director for Honduras, also conducted a question and answer session regarding the orphan crisis in Honduras, needs of the country, and improvements to the current adoption process. During this round table discussion, both the Director and Secretary exhibited a passion for the children in their country. They expressed a deep commitment to finding forever families for the many orphaned children in Honduras in a timely and efficient manner.

In addition to meeting with clients and prospective clients, IHNFA visited with the Indiana Secretary of State’s Office, Indiana’s Department of Children Services, and with The International School of Indiana, in an effort to learn about our government and care of their children once adopted in the United States generally, and Indiana specifically.

MLJ and the Honduran diplomats were given a warm welcome at the meeting with Indiana’s Secretary of State, Charlie White and his staff. While together, they discussed the role the Secretary of State plays in the authentication of dossier documents and the need for adoption. Charlie White received more information on international affairs and adoption, while MLJ and INFHA had the opportunity to discuss the Secretary’s role in adoption.

The meeting with the Department of Children Services was conducted because of the desire of the Director and Secretary General to learn about the care and treatment on Indiana’s children. There was also a brainstorming session where the topics of adoption in Indiana and the need for adoption abroad were discussed.

Another pleasurable experience for the diplomats was getting to visit The International School of Indiana. They had the opportunity to see where some adopted children from Honduras might be educated if adopted by Hoosier parents. The International School was a wonderful visit due to the evident development within children through language education, personal development, core Indiana school guidelines and extracurricular activities for the students. The children were sweet and engaging and the staff of ISI were informative, helpful, and kind.

Overall, The diplomats received a personal understanding of how the MLJ team and Indiana views children and adoption. MLJ team members were delighted to visit with IHNFA and share our passion for adoption with them. We are pleased and encouraged by their unwavering commitment to the children of Honduras and look forward to bringing many children home from Honduras to their forever families.

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