In On It: What adoptive parents would like you to know about adoption

In On It: What adoptive parents would like you to know about adoption by Elizabeth O’Toole opens wide the doors into the world of adoption for the uninitiated. In addition to explaining the adoption process and all its crazy bureaucracy, it also provides great insight into the emotional roller coaster that everyone involved has just gotten on.

I admit I was originally somewhat put-off by the sub-title (What adoptive parents would like you to know about adoption) fearing that I might be in for a politically correct lecture on how I should and/or shouldn’t think, feel and talk about adoption. On the contrary, by exploring the feelings and experiences of family and friends, and not just those of the parent(s) and child, O’Toole validates the importance of the reader and how significant his or her support is to the adoptive family.

In On It is well written and engaging. O’Toole adeptly uses stories (including anecdotes of her own missteps) and historical references to educate and draw her audience into the circle of adoption.

I found In On It to be a valuable resource personally as I have traveled the adoption journey with my daughter. It not only gave me insights into what she might be experiencing hopefully allowing me to be a better support, but it also opened my eyes to unhelpful assumptions and ideas I was unaware I held. As a pastor and the leader our church’s orphan ministry, I found In On It to be an excellent resource and have purchased copies of the book for every member of our team. I wholeheartedly recommend it to any one – adoptive parents, family and friends – navigating this complex experience.

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