Independence Day In Central America


As an adoptive parent, it is extremely crucial that you understand and celebrate the heroes and holidays of your children’s original culture. While this post might be most relevant to parents adopting from Mexico, Honduras, and Nicaragua celebrating international holidays is important for all parents. Celebrating the significant holidays of other cultures will help your adopted child embrace a multicultural identity.

On September 15, 1821 after the final Spanish defeat in the Mexican War of Independence, the authorities in Guatemala declared the independence of all of Central America. This date is celebrated in Honduras, Guatemala, and Nicaragua as Independence Day while Mexico celebrates on September 16th.

Traditions to celebrate their independence from Spain range from school closings, military parades and air shows, country flags in every house and building, to traditional food, music and dancing.

In Honduras the celebration begins on September 1st. On September 11th a burning torch, the Liberty Torch, travels from Guatemala to Costa Rica, carried by foot and passed from hand to hand to every one of the Central American countries.

In Mexico each year, on the night of September 15th, the President of Mexico rings the bell of the National Palace in Mexico City, and then he repeats the grito, the Cry of Independence. The crowd gathered below him in the Zocalo, or main plaza, echoes the cries of Viva Mexico. This moment is celebrated in public squares throughout Mexico. The main squares of many towns are draped with the colors of the Mexican flag, green, white and red. After the memorial on the night of September 15, the celebration continues into the day of September 16, with parades, rodeos, mariachi music, and excellent food. The celebrations are often led by school children in small towns throughout the nation.

Whether in Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala Independence Day is a very important day to all of Central America. Take the time to teach your child about their heritage and to celebrate a significant part of their history.

Photo Credit: David Amsler

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