International Adoption – Why do I travel?


After 32 hours of flights to finalize our new international adoption program in Samoa, I wondered again…. Why do I travel? Really the answer is easy…. It is extremely important to the vitality and success of our international adoption programs.

I want to hear answers not only via email and phone, but in person. I personally want to see government officials, our staff, judges, and the orphanages. I want to compare what each person and entity describes to me regarding the adoption process in their country….the laws, the changes, the unknowns, the risks of international adoption. I want to “get a feel” for the adoption environment. I want to know how our staff or potential staff treats me during the trip. I want to confirm my levels of trust with anyone working in the adoption process.

As Executive Director of MLJ Adoptions, I feel personally responsible for our international adoption programs’ success. I am forever grateful for the never ending commitment, dedication and compassion of the MLJ team! I know that they feel the same responsibility for the success of each family’s adoption. I know that traveling to our program countries helps us in making our programs better.

I was reviewing my travel for June-July and found that my travel itinerary included Samoa, Congo, Mexico and Nicaragua. I also hope to visit Washington, D.C. to meet with State Department representatives regarding international adoption. Although, just looking at the travel schedule made me exhausted, I am also excited. In the past twelve years, I have visited more than 20 countries researching international laws and orphanages. I have met the most wonderful and gracious people. I know that traveling means more children coming home to loving families! What better reason to travel?

We have also found that inviting diplomats from other countries to visit MLJ here in the U.S. is beneficial to our international programs. This summer Mexican diplomats will visit with us and then for our Crossroads of America Adoption Conference, a majority of our foreign staff will be joining us for the conference! We are excited to bring these resources to our families!

The MLJ team members are also committed to traveling to ensure they are educated about each international adoption program. Five MLJ team members will be traveling with a group to Honduras September 5-9th to meet with officials and provide service and care to orphans. If you are interested in our orphanage service trips, please let us know!

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