Join Us! Bulgarian Open House


As Program Director for our Bulgarian Adoption Program I would like to personally invite you to attend the Bulgarian Open House on Saturday, November 10th from 9:30am-noon at the MLJ Adoptions office at 617 E. North St. Indianapolis. A brunch will be served.

This is a great opportunity to learn about our Bulgaria Adoption program from MLJ families that are currently in or have been through the Bulgarian adoption process. Some of our families who just came home with their children will be bringing their children to introduce them (provided things are going well for them that day – you never know with the adjustment process!), while other families that have been on their first trip and are waiting for trip two will be able to share their experiences as well.

It is so exciting to see all the movement in the Bulgarian program! We have four more children that will be home within the next few months and families that we expect to receive referrals soon!

There are many advantages to adopting from Bulgaria. Bulgaria is a Hague Convention country and thus the country has invested in the international adoption process and proven their commitment to international adoption. The program is therefore stable and provides additional securities in the international adoption process that may not be present in other countries.

Any international adoption agency working in Bulgaria must partner with a local Hague approved Non Governmental Agency (NGO) registered with the Bulgarian government. Our partner NGO in Bulgaria is Vesta. For over twelve years, Vesta has dedicated themselves to the mission of helping abandoned and orphaned children find families and have better and brighter futures.

I really encourage you to come and get to know each other as a community with a shared interest/experience of adoption from Bulgaria. Whatever the reason may be, whether to encourage others, seek encouragement, get more information or meet other families – I really hope to see you at the MLJ Adoptions Bulgaria Open House on Saturday, November 10th.

Please RSVP here.

For more information about MLJ Adoptions’ international adoption programs, please click here.

Lydia Tarr works as the International Program Director for MLJ Adoptions’ programs in Bulgaria and Ukraine. She is the adoptive mother of four children from Ukraine and was recognized as a 2013 Angel in Adoption by the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute’s (CCAI) Angels in Adoption Program.