Kisses from Katie: A Book Review


Wow! That’s the first thing I thought when I finished reading Kisses from Katie: A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption. I started reading the book on a Friday evening and could not put it down for the remainder of the weekend – I had to finish it. The message really hit me the next day and I am still processing what this book means and how I can apply its lessons.

This book is dangerous in an incredible way, causing readers to question their larger purpose in the world. Am I doing enough for the vulnerable people in our world? Am I committed to something greater? What else can or should I be doing to help others? Katie’s words are based on religious conviction and they are powerful no matter the reader’s religion. Katie’s words will hit a nerve with everyone who reads her story.

Katie Davis was a popular well-adjusted high school student who, upon graduation, was determined to travel to Uganda on a mission trip for one year between high school and college. Her parents of course did not want her to go, but they reluctantly agreed with the promise that Katie would return to attend college the next year. She spent the year teaching kindergarten and living in a small room in a Ugandan orphanage while doing so. During this year, she fell in love with the country and its people. Her one year trip turned in to a lifetime commitment. A commitment to Uganda, its people, and most importantly to her now 14 Ugandan daughters.

Katie is only 22 years old and has adopted 14 beautiful girls. In her book, she tells the story of each daughter, because each of her children has their own personal story that started before they became part of Katie’s family. Katie is inspiring and so are her children! Katie lets readers into her life for both the rewarding parts of motherhood and the difficult parts. She discusses the hardships and rewards of adoptive parenting, which often asks more of parents. She talks about the difficulties in parenting children that have experienced such loss in their short lives. Katie also discusses the rewards of motherhood in great detail. While her children have had difficult pasts, because of their past experiences, they are incredibly committed to the vulnerable around them. Bringing the ill and starving to their home and sharing what they have come easily to them. Katie’s children are truly as inspiring as she is.

Thank you Katie for sharing your heart for adoption and caring for the vulnerable. Incredible book, incredible story, and incredibly moving!

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