Leigh Anne Tuohy’s TV Show “Family Addition” Will Feature Foster Families


Leigh Anne Tuohy’s inspirational adoption story was portrayed with release of the box-office hit “The Blind Side”. The Tuohy family not only made the difference in the life of their adopted son and NFL super star Michael Oher, but their story has touched the hearts of people around the world. This summer, Leigh Anne Tuohy will be the host of television series “Family Addition” – a show she hopes will create opportunities for children in need of forever families and support the unsung heroes who open their arms to these children. The series will showcase different foster families and adoptive parents, as Leigh Anne helps renovate their home to welcome the family addition!

“We are so excited to launch our new TV Series, “Family Addition”. It is our deepest desire that this show will bring hope and support to the amazing families that are in the process of fostering, adopting and offering a future to the many children and young adults that are in desperate need of a forever family. At the same time we hope to leave a footprint of something that will be a thank you for stepping outside their comfort zone and taking a worthwhile risk of providing a future to those so deserving!

I am counting on, no, I am expecting this show to be a game changer for the many kids that want a forever family. They are not asking for the impossible. The request is doable with good people stepping up for the right reasons. Join me on June 7th along with Team Tuohy – including Collins, Ms. Sue and you never know who else might stop by!”

Leigh Anne Tuohy

The show airs June 7, 2013 on GMC at 9:00pm Eastern standard time. If you would like to nominate a family to be featured on the show, tell their story here. Stayed tuned for an MLJ Adoptions review of the series. If you watch the show, be sure to share your thoughts and comments with us!


Photo Credit: CityTalk

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