Our Mexico Pilot Program is Officially Open!


Mexico adoptionMLJ Adoptions, Inc. is so excited that after two years of hard work, we have finally opened our adoption program in Mexico! MLJ is one of only six agencies that have been approved to do adoption work in Mexico. Below you will find information about the Mexico Program that is known to us at this time. Please keep in mind this is a pilot program and information may change or evolve throughout the process.

Who can adopt from Mexico?

    • Couples married at least three (3) years both of whom are at least 25 years old
    • Single women who are at least 25 years old
    • All prospective adoptive parents must be at least 18 years older and no more than 45 years older than the child they plan to adopt

Who Are the Children in Mexico in need of adoption?

    • Both boys and girls are in need of families, and a gender preference can be indicated
    • When adopting a single child, families must be open to a child five (5) or older
    • When adopting a sibling group, families must be open to at least one sibling being over the age of five or with special needs
    • Children are generally healthy and receive proper nutrition and medical care while in the DIF or Interim Care
    • Children are typically of Mestizo ancestry

What are the travel requirements for Mexico?

    • Two to four trips are required, with additional visits being optional.
    • Parents will meet with State DIF (before referral). This is an optional trip, however it is encouraged as a way to establish a relationship between the parents and the State DIF and may help accelerate the matching process. Both parents must travel for this trip which is expected to be 2-3 days in length.
    • Both parents must travel to meet the referred child(ren). This trip is expected to take 1-2 weeks depending on the bonding and attachment process.
    • The court may request parents to attend the court hearing (judge’s discretion). The length of this trip is not known, but could range from one day to 2 weeks. It is unlikely that this trip will be required, but as a pilot program we want families to be fully aware of this possibility.
    • Both parents must travel on the final trip to sign for the birth certificate and passport. Parents must also complete the visa process during this trip. The length of this trip is expected to be two weeks.
    • Additional visit trips are optional. Parents may only visit referred child(ren) with the permission of MLJ Adoptions, Inc. and/or the children’s home. Families may also be able to Skype with their referred child(ren) during the process.

MLJ will initially be working within the state of Hidalgo. We have met with DIF Hidalgo many times and have found them to be very child centered, as well as adoption friendly. However, please keep in mind that the adoption process is new to the state of Hidalgo and there are still many unknowns.

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Photo Credit: lorena pajares

Stacy Jacobs is the MLJ Adoptions Associate Program Director for Eastern Europe and Latin America. She is the mother of four children, three biological daughters and one son adopted from Guatemala.