MLJ Adoptions and International Adoption – Year in Review


What a year! MLJ Adoptions has faced challenges and experienced triumphs. I often remind myself of the "big picture" during the challenging times and then remind myself of the challenges during the triumphs. I hope it keeps me grounded and at peace with an extremely complicated, complex, difficult and emotional international adoption process. As an international adoption agency, we are likely the core source of information, education and processing for an orphan child to be matched and then placed with an adoptive family. We recognize what a huge responsibility this is and our agency strives to provide these services while being professional and compassionate. This does not mean we are always perfect but we are always striving to protect children and advocate on their behalf. This sometimes causes us to have boundaries and policies that are not adoptive parent focused. Our focus is on the child, our true client is the child – not the parents. With this and the rewards of adoption as our "big picture", we have made it through another year.

2012 MLJ Adoptions Year in Review

  • Brought home more children from Bulgaria and expect adoptions in Bulgaria to grow (especially with the closure of Russian adoptions). Bulgaria continues to be a stable option for families wanting to adopt from Eastern Europe.
  • Over a hundred children home from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). DRC becomes a great option for families wanting to adopt from Africa.
  • Our agency alone completed more than 60% of all Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) adoptions to the U.S. with the other 40% being independent and all other agencies combined.
  • Three new team members join MLJ Adoptions to help assist families in the international adoption process.
  • Several MLJ Team members chosen to present at national adoption conferences (Michele, Nicole, Brooke, Judy, Amy).
  • MLJ Adoptions grows its education and support services department in an effort to assist families and improve the transition and placement for the adopted child.
  • First Annual Africa Party attended by over 150 people! (2013 party to be held February 23rd, 2013. Stay tuned for more information!)
  • Adoptions in Samoa (MLJ’s pilot/newest program) proceed forward and first five Adoption Decrees issued from Samoan government.
  • MLJ Adoptions Executive Director receives the Congressional Angels in Adoption Award.
  • MLJ Team members attended 6 of the most influential and educational national adoption conferences.
  • Adoptions from Nicaragua increase and improve, program becomes a viable option for families wanting to adopt from Latin America.
  • MLJ Adoptions hosted the Crossroads of America Adoption Conference 2012.
  • MLJ Adoptions advocates on behalf of families for the Federal Adoption Credit and Universal Licensing for International Adoption Service Providers (agencies).
  • MLJ Adoptions Executive Director lobbies on Capitol Hill to Senators and Representatives for adoption and adoptive families rights.

More children brought home to their forever families!

Less children living in orphanages and on the streets!

Journey of Adoption blesses the children and families!

I want to thank the wonderful team at MLJ Adoptions for their passion and commitment to caring for orphans and assisting in finding them forever families. I also want to thank the amazing adoptive parents for their patience during a very difficult and emotional process and their continued sacrifices to be able to complete an international adoption. I want to thank all those awesome and wonderful little children who are resilient and courageous and have been through too much for a child to bear and yet they come into these families with smiles and laughter.

For more information about the international adoption process, click here.

MLJ Adoptions is a Non-Profit, Hague-Accredited adoption service provider located in Indianapolis, Indiana, working in Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Pacific Isles. We are passionate about serving children in need.