MLJ Adoptions Blog Contest


MLJ Adoptions Blog Contest!

Three winners (current clients only) will be randomly drawn from all entries to win a $500 adoption grant. Entries will be accepted until July 1st.


Why I chose ____ Country from which to adopt

How to Raise Money for an adoption

How to prepare for my child’s arrival

How I prepared my family for adoption

How I (will) explain adoption to my child/How I (will) explain adoption to my


How education has helped better prepare me for adoption

Why protecting your child’s info online is important and/or How I protect my

child online

How we (will) celebrate our child’s cultural heritage

How I manage the stress of the adoption process

Why I chose to adopt

The fine print:

Your entry must be on one of the 10 topics listed above.

Your entry must be 500-700 words.

You must submit a photo with your entry.

You can write a blog about each topic, but we will only accept one entry per blog topic per family. (So the max any client can enter is 10)

You can only win one $500 adoption grant per family.

There should never be more than two identifiers when blogging about adoption.

1. Location – country, region, or city,

2. Child Specific Information: age, name, birth date, birthplace of the child, medical history

(read the Social Media Policy on the CCD for further clarification)

Entries will be accepted until July 1st.

You must email your entry to with the subject “Blog Contest Entry”

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